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“Fix Your Hips”

"FIX YOUR HIPS" Now to focus on the other ball and socket joint, the hips.  We have all heard coaches say, “drive your knees out” when we squat. Well that phrase can be simplified even more by thinking “active hips” which was coined by Mark Rippetoe in the CrossFit Journal in 2008. Just like the cue of active shoulders when we do overhead squats, snatch, Jerks, etc.. we have to keep our hips active in order to prevent a lumbar collapse (rounding the back) or the knee collapse which puts a tremendous sheer force on the medial side of the knees.

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Move Well, Live Well

Whether I'm evaluating someone at work or watching them move in the gym, my thoughts are always on mechanical efficiency and the basic principles governing movement. There are a few rules that guide these basic principles and I would like to share my thoughts on how these rules apply in everyday life. My first rule of efficiency is mechanical load, the first joint that moves gets the greatest amount of load distributed through it. Let's use the most basic and common movement, the squat. Have you ever heard me say "the hips go back first when we squat," well that's because

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What is CrossFit HellBox Totals Test Week?

  The Why, What, and the How of Totals Test Week The first question to answer is how do we measure fitness?  Isn't that why we are all coming to CrossFit HellBox, to get fit and challenge ourselves?  Well there are many forms of fitness and we all have a natural bias towards what we are good at and what we like to do the most.  However, true fitness happens across a broad spectrum of time and modal domains. So to answer this question of what is fitness, we are going to start having a CrossFit Totals Test Week every

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