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“Fix Your Ankles”

"Fix Your Ankles" [su_youtube url="https://youtu.be/d-Ktc-yWVho" width="300" height="200"] This is an assistance program to be added to your pre or post workout routine to help with ankle mobility, stability, and function.   Whether fitness, weightlifting, CrossFit, obstacle racing, MMA or life is your sport, you need a good base of support at your foot and ankle.  This program can be tweaked and adjusted for continuous use but it just depends on what is your biggest limitation.  The thought of pre-hab/rehab type exercises for your ankles should not just apply to those with an injury, if you move well and are pain free than

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“Fix Your Shoulders”

Fix Your Shoulders This program is designed to assist with your normal strength programming by stabilizing your scapulas and putting your shoulders in the optimal position to receive weight overhead and support your body in a handstand.  With a combination of mobilizations for the Thoracic spine, stabilization exercises for the scapulas, and rotator cuff strengthening to help build strong, mobile, and durable shoulders. These exercises are to be performed on your own before the coach warms up the class or in your cool down but consistency is the key.  Whether you have shoulder pain now or you are trying to

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“Fix Your Hips”

"FIX YOUR HIPS" Now to focus on the other ball and socket joint, the hips.  We have all heard coaches say, “drive your knees out” when we squat. Well that phrase can be simplified even more by thinking “active hips” which was coined by Mark Rippetoe in the CrossFit Journal in 2008. Just like the cue of active shoulders when we do overhead squats, snatch, Jerks, etc.. we have to keep our hips active in order to prevent a lumbar collapse (rounding the back) or the knee collapse which puts a tremendous sheer force on the medial side of the knees.

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