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Why a Deload in CrossFit Can Make You Stronger?

Why a Deload In CrossFit Can Make You Stronger? First let's define what it means to deload? To oversimplify it, a deload is a short planned period of recovery. You lift slightly lighter, maybe workout a little less, and generally just take it easy. A typical deload will last a week because it just fits well in a macro cycle throughout the year. To an outsider, deloads seem like a waste of time, or an excuse to sit on your butt for a week.   What if a deload week is just what your body needs to heal and break

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Move Well, Live Well

Whether I'm evaluating someone at work or watching them move in the gym, my thoughts are always on mechanical efficiency and the basic principles governing movement. There are a few rules that guide these basic principles and I would like to share my thoughts on how these rules apply in everyday life. My first rule of efficiency is mechanical load, the first joint that moves gets the greatest amount of load distributed through it. Let's use the most basic and common movement, the squat. Have you ever heard me say "the hips go back first when we squat," well that's because

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