“Fix Your Ankles”

“Fix Your Ankles”

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This is an assistance program to be added to your pre or post workout routine to help with ankle mobility, stability, and function.   Whether fitness, weightlifting, CrossFit, obstacle racing, MMA or life is your sport, you need a good base of support at your foot and ankle.  This program can be tweaked and adjusted for continuous use but it just depends on what is your biggest limitation.  The thought of pre-hab/rehab type exercises for your ankles should not just apply to those with an injury, if you move well and are pain free than you are as efficient as possible.  This will improve performance even if there is not a current injury by improving your squat, improving your foot stability and taking stress off your knees to keep you healthy for years to come.  One last suggestion is don’t get dependent on orthotics for foot support. Over time it will make your foot weaker and compound your foot problems.  Through these exercises and by progressively spending more time barefoot and without your orthotics you can improve your foot strength and regain the natural function of your arch.

Add these routines to your warm up or cool down to help relieve pain and stiffness and come up with a routine that what works for you. You may find exercises that really seem to help, and others that don’t seem to do anything. Take what works and keep it in your program for long term use where you feel like it fits either before you workout or after you are done at the box.

*Test your mobility into Dorsiflexion as demonstrated in the video so you have a baseline of your movement and then don’t forget to retest periodically to see what is helping*

Routine #1

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This is a good place to start especially if you know mobility is the major issue. Work the soft tissue to the point of discomfort for several minutes to really get the benefit of your hard work. Finish it off with some stability exercises for your ankles and plantar fascia.

Routine #2

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 After some soft tissue work you will be working on some aggressive mobilization to your ankles in dorsiflexion and a few plantar flexion stretches to keep you symmetrical.

Suggested Progression:

Week 1 – Perform Routine 1 – 4 times a week

Week 2 – Perform Routine 2 – 4 times a week

Week 3 – Perform Routine 1 – 4-5 times a week

Week 4 – Perform Routine 2 — 4-5 times a week

Week 5 – Perform Routine 2 – 2-3 times a week + Routine 2 – 2-3 times a week

Week 6 – Now you should know what helps the most and start to focus on those exercises in your own custom routine

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