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Our Fundamentals program is mandatory for anyone who is new to CrossFit and wants to train in our CrossFit group classes. Fundamentals is designed to go over each movement in a slower and more detail oriented pace than a normal CrossFit class. It consists of 2 one on one classes that usually last 1 hour. In each class, you will warm up, learn new movements, do a full CrossFit workout, and have a short educational segment while you are stretching and cooling down. This allows for more instructional time and personal attention by certified coaches in the critical initial learning period. Following the 2 classes you will join a group class with a coach assigned to help guide you though the group class environment and flow. Once you have signed up for the Fundamentals program a coach will contact you to schedule your classes and get more information about you and your needs. If you would like to speak to a coach and get more information regarding this program please contact us and will call you back