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Fueling for a CrossFit Competition

Fueling for a CrossFit Competition I was surprised when I tried to research this topic that there isn’t much information specifically related to fueling for a CrossFit competition.  As you all know a CrossFit competition is at least one unique day but maybe even two unique days of stress on your body. I want to try and answer some common questions I get about competing with these 5 tips for what to do the week of a CrossFit competition and the day of your competition. -This is not an endurance event so there is no benefit to carb loading. There

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Why the OPEN 2017?

  Before I tell you why I love to hate the CrossFit Open let's first discuss why the Open was created and what step it is in the process of the CrossFit season. The Open is the first step in determining the fittest on earth and it leads to finding the 20 athletes that will go to Regionals. The top 5 athletes from each of the Regionals goes to the CrossFit Games. The best part is this first step is for everyone, and that’s what we love about it. It’s a chance to compete. It may only be for five

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What is CrossFit HellBox Totals Test Week?

  The Why, What, and the How of Totals Test Week The first question to answer is how do we measure fitness?  Isn't that why we are all coming to CrossFit HellBox, to get fit and challenge ourselves?  Well there are many forms of fitness and we all have a natural bias towards what we are good at and what we like to do the most.  However, true fitness happens across a broad spectrum of time and modal domains. So to answer this question of what is fitness, we are going to start having a CrossFit Totals Test Week every

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