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Nutrition 101: start with the basics

Nutrition 101 start with the basics Let’s talk about the FIRST thing most people should focus on in their diet. It’s not whether or not you are getting enough magnesium, it’s not what type of protein supplement you’re using, it’s not the next amazing diet plan that will burn fat as you sleep. It starts much more basic for 99% of the population. The first thing most people should focus on is food quality! I think focusing on this one thing could make the biggest difference in people’s health. You have to know what the quality of your food is

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Fueling for a CrossFit Competition

Fueling for a CrossFit Competition I was surprised when I tried to research this topic that there isn’t much information specifically related to fueling for a CrossFit competition.  As you all know a CrossFit competition is at least one unique day but maybe even two unique days of stress on your body. I want to try and answer some common questions I get about competing with these 5 tips for what to do the week of a CrossFit competition and the day of your competition. -This is not an endurance event so there is no benefit to carb loading. There

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