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Why the OPEN 2017?

  Before I tell you why I love to hate the CrossFit Open let's first discuss why the Open was created and what step it is in the process of the CrossFit season. The Open is the first step in determining the fittest on earth and it leads to finding the 20 athletes that will go to Regionals. The top 5 athletes from each of the Regionals goes to the CrossFit Games. The best part is this first step is for everyone, and that’s what we love about it. It’s a chance to compete. It may only be for five

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“Fix Your Hips”

"FIX YOUR HIPS" Now to focus on the other ball and socket joint, the hips.  We have all heard coaches say, “drive your knees out” when we squat. Well that phrase can be simplified even more by thinking “active hips” which was coined by Mark Rippetoe in the CrossFit Journal in 2008. Just like the cue of active shoulders when we do overhead squats, snatch, Jerks, etc.. we have to keep our hips active in order to prevent a lumbar collapse (rounding the back) or the knee collapse which puts a tremendous sheer force on the medial side of the knees.

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